New England Roots Rocker & all around North East music fixture, Johnny Carlevale struts his stuff with one of his finest musical endeavors to date. That's right, "Johnny Carlevale & the Rollin' Pins" is Johnny's ode to the great Rockers & Rockabillies of New England.

Beginning is 2006, the band reared it's ugly head at various US juke joints & by 2008 released their first full-length album titled "That's Life" on the now defunct "Ropin' Records" of Ohio. The album featured 13 of Johnny's very own compositions & 2 New England rockers by the likes of "Ricky Coyne" & Scotty McKay.

Since the bands inception, The Rollin' Pins line-up has seen numerous changes, but one thing has not changed & that's the furious live show that Johnny put's on.

Screamin' Scotty was fortunate to join the line-up in April 2014 & is now touring exclusively with Johnny & the rest of the gang.

If you'd like to experience one of the greatest Rockers to grace the other coast, then check out the CALENDAR.

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Johnny Carlevale & the Rollin' Pins

That's Life (2008) CD

Ropin' Records $15.00 pp

O'brien's; Allston, MA 2014

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