Screamin' Scotty's humble beginnings originate in the early 2000's.

Based originally in the Ocean State, New England served as both Scotty's home & inspiration for the formation of this budding Rockabilly musician.

Taking nod from area artists such as The Racketeers, The Raging Teens, & many others, Scotty set out to produce frantic Rockabilly stompers of his own. Culling energy & fervor that Rockabilly Legends Gene Maltais, Ricky Coyne, & other Event Records artists captured in the mid to late 1950's, Scotty soon became a force to be reckoned with.


While Scotty's music has taken him to the Wild West & beyond, Scotty's music has always stayed true to his New England roots.

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Wild Hare Records release

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  • Jenny Jean - SIn'Gal Records (2002)
  • My Baby's Got Eyes In The Back Of Her Head - SIn'Gal Records (2005)
  • Ain't Rocket Science 202 - Wild Hare Records (2006)